Archery continues to be one of our most popular activities for families, friends, organisations and school groups due to the huge progress in skill level which can be made by all participants during a single session.

This is an excellent activity for building up individual skills and having fun as a group!

Your group will work on their archery technique, all the time aiming to get closer and closer to the bulls eye. We have a number of targets in woodland settings and a range of target types.  The activity can include competitions, team challenges and games to spice things up. By the end of a session the instructors can guarantee that everyone will have hit the target!

  • Maximum no. per session: 12
  • Minimum no. per session:  4
  • Length of session:               1 hour
  • Cost per person:                  £10.00

Please book via email or call 0333 456 0777

Less than 4 people to book on? Please see our regular weekly program where you may book on as individuals.

Booking for a School, Organisation or large group? Please email us for prices and availability.

Did you know we can also deliver Archery as part of a GCSE PE course?