Bushcraft is about using the resources readily available to us in the wilds. Our ancestors had a different term for it – day to day life. It’s strange to think that despite our apparent advances in modern society, we struggle to practice basic primitive skills which kept our ancestors alive.

Group Bookings

Group Bookings

Keep the wheel turning and discover the tools in mother natures toolbox.

Book a session or day with our skilled instructors and learn traditional techniques for friction firelighting, carving and shelter building. We customise our sessions to match the ability of the group, from children to adults. We teach you about the natural resources available around us, helping us to build tools such as a bow and drill or a lean-to shelter without the need for modern tools.

Session content

– Friction Fire Lighting
– Shelter Building
– Carving/Whittling

Booking for a School, Organisation or large group? Please email us for prices and availability.