A bike hire agreement form must be completed.

The signatory of the hire agreement form is designated the hirer and must be 18 years or older. Proof of ID will be required.

Payment can be made by debit/ credit card and is required in full before taking the bike(s). If paying by cash then a deposit in the form of credit/ debit card details will be required.

By completing the agreement form the hirer is accepting the following terms of use:
Cycling on public roads carries risks and that you are aware of these risks
All bikes hired will be ridden safely and responsibly at all times
All bikes hired will be returned within the specified hire period
Damage to any bikes or equipment will be the responsibility of the hirer and repairs or replacements will be charged for at the full market value
All bikes hired will be locked to an immovable object when not being ridden
Fritton Lake Outdoor Centre will not be held responsible for injury to any persons using the bikes and equipment, or any loss or damage to personal property during the hire period.